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Minglement Teas

Minglement carries over 350 high quality organic or sustainable cultivated and harvested teas, herbs and spices in bulk form.

It is from this beautiful apotheca that we custom blend many of the teas we sell at the store and on our web site. We pride ourselves in offering knowledgeable advice on how to use teas, herbs, and spices to support health. We have our favorites and we are certain you will find some of your own.

Chili Truffle :: Black Tea
Girl Grey :: Black Tea
Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha :: Green Tea
Rose Bouquet Chai :: Chai
Wiccan Brew :: Herbal Tisane
Earl Grey Rooibos :: Rooibos
Tea Brewing Tips

The history of drinking tea includes conventional and individual preferences, how hot or cold, how long to steep, highest grade or best value? We believe the best way to enjoy tea is what tastes best to you. But whether you follow a few brewing guidelines or make up rules of your own, savor the flavor of our exquisite Minglement teas.

For most teas use about a teaspoon per 8 oz. cup or to taste

Herbal Tisanes

With Flowers and Leaves

Steep approx 2 to 4 min or to taste in hot water approx. 190˚to 200˚

With Roots, Twigs, Seeds or Berries

Crush a bit in a Metate if you have one or grind slightly

Steep or simmer covered 4 to 8 minutes or to taste

Black Tea

Steep 2 to 4 minutes or to taste at approx. 190˚to 200˚

We think black teas are best served with cream. Honey too!
Green Tea

Steep 1 to 3 minutes only at a bit lower temperture between 160˚to 175˚
Green tea becomes bitter at higher temps and long brewing times


Steep 6 to 8 minutes at 175˚
to 190˚

The longer you steep the smoother the taste

Steep 1 to 4 minutes or to taste. 190˚to 200˚

Rooibos brews quickly

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