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Items Available at the Store (physical location)


Minglement continues to support the healthy lifestyles and green choices of the people who both live and visit this beautiful Northwest Island. We offer local and organic in-season organic food and produce.  We carry local organic, free-range eggs.  Here on Vashon Island we are fortunate to have two of the few dairies legally licensed in Washington State to sell raw milk.  We are pleased to offer the milk from Kurtwood Farms, delivered daily to our store.  We also offer other organic dairy and non-dairy staples and organic juices.


Minglement has been hosting a buyers’ club for a few decades.  You can turn in your order on Monday and pick it up on Friday (only). It is an opportunity to purchase organic food, dried goods and toiletries in bulk at a generous discount.

Stop by the store for an order form and sign up online to view the catalog from home. There is no longer a catalog to hand out but we have a copy at the store for you to use if you prefer. Call us if you have any questions. 206-463-9672

THE HEIRLOOM corn, beans, grains, rice and flours we carry are hard to find staples that have historically represented the nutritional mainstay of millions, and are among the finest of original whole foods.   You may be aware that genetically manipulated ‘staples’ endanger the existence of these most precious commodities.  Soon, our website will include recipes using these heirloom foods.

HEIRLOOM®COFFEE  The coffee beans we roast are rare. All are high mountain shade grown and traditionally farmed. We blend a combination of Organic, Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Direct Trade beans.
Visit our coffee website at www.tvicr.com


We offer an extensive selection of organic and sustainably wild crafted herbs and spices in bulk form.  We also carry a full line of herbal tinctures produced by small companies dedicated to making a high quality, sustainable extracts.

For the cooks, we offer an amazing selection of bulk whole or powdered aromatic and unusual herbs and spices (organic when available) ranging from annatto seed to pungently aromatic and anti-oxidant rich rosemary. We pride ourselves in offering knowledgeable advice on how to use our herbs, teas, and spices to support health.  For more information about us, visit our Staff page. 


Beautiful, nutritious cacao nibs and whole beans available raw and we can lightly roast the beans if you like. 


Fresh raw and roasted nuts and seeds, as well as a selection of both fresh and dried sea vegetables, raw food bars, crackers, fermented foods and plenty of vegan fare all chosen to support a healthy lifestyle.


In wheat free and gluten free foods.  More info coming about these foods soon.


Finest Kind Seafood

Captain Chas of the F/V Equinox spends his winters here on Vashon Island. Finest Kind Seafoods has over 35 years of experience providing quality Alaskan salmon. It is a family owned, independent, commercial salmon fishing operation.  Their wild sockeye are carefully handled, immediately chilled, and processed within hours to capture that “just-caught” freshness and flavor. We are proud to offer this pure and healthy, high protein, wild Alaskan salmon, responsibly harvested from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska – the world’s largest all-natural and  “certified sustainable” and “Naturally Organic” wild salmon resource.

Minglement carries the following choices: Freshly Frozen Sockeye Filets & Portion packs; Bristol Bay Wild Red; Bearing Sea Gold; Captain Charley’s Select; Kanakanak Northwest Style Smoked; Smoked Wild Sockeye Lox; Alaska Arctic Cod; Smoked Alaska Wild Black Cod.

NORTHSTAR BISON comes to us through an island resident whose family run business believes in raising bison the natural way – on 100% native prairie grass, without chemicals, hormones, or grain. We carry brats, patties, links, kabobs and ground sausage.


We carry some of these wonderful and ‘non-essential’ foods to support unhealthy food cravings which most of us have from time to time except the most virtuous among us.   But, for the corrupted, know that they are organic and delicious. Ice cream, delightful sodas, potato chips etc., and all the usual suspects!


We carry the highest quality nutritional oils available.  In addition to olive oil, we carry Barleans flax oil freshly pressed when we order it, pumpkin, walnut, hazelnut, sesame, coconut and sunflower oils and the Carlson line of fine fish oils.


The healing power and immune support that mushrooms can provide is well documented.  We offer the wisdom of Paul Stamets via the New Chapter line of Mycomedicinals.  The quality of medicinal mushrooms is directly linked to the “P-Value” – a reference to the genetic integrity of the mushroom.  The New Chapter mushrooms are selected from the rainforest and cultured in rigorously controlled laboratory conditions. This produces a growing mushroom mycelium that is absolutely genetically identical with the rainforest mushroom that gave it birth.


We offer a full line of nutritional supplements and carefully scrutinize the ingredients selecting only products without genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, or animal products derived from factory-farmed animals. 

We agree with New Chapter’s philosophy:  nature got it right the first time. That is, nourishment, protection and health that come from a whole food complex-- not from the synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical herbal isolates you’ll find in most supplements.  We are pleased to offer the New Chapter line of products:

  • The first full line of whole-food complex vitamins and minerals certified to be made with organic ingredients.
  • The first full line of probiotic nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • The first national brand to deliver a wholly natural, herbal and clinically tested approach to inflammation response.

We carry a full line of herbal tinctures and capsules, intestinal health products, amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, protein powders and green foods.  We have a joint and muscle care section, one for cold and flu care, and another for allergies.  We have a focused selection of Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and Bach Flower Remedies.

An extensive herb and mushroom resource library is available for your use while in the store.


Paraben free products



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